Sedona, Arizona

The Home Advantage
Across 50 states and 10 provinces, there are countless wonders to see right here in the United States and Canada – with familiarity, ease, and possibly even shorter flying times. 

Where to begin? With Globus and Cosmos’ sensational selection of Undiscovered North America itineraries. With more than 90 years of experience showing travelers the world, there are countless reasons to travel in North America with Globus and Cosmos.

Easy as apple pie.
Searching for hotels and mapping out logistics is no picnic. Our perfectly planned tours, including hand-selected hotels, streamlined itineraries, and expert Tour Directors erase vacation hassles while promising discovery and wonder for all.

Steering clear of drama.
Not only does touring in North America eliminate long flights, it completely eliminates driving (and backseat drivers)! Aboard our luxury motorcoaches, you can sit back and enjoy the dramatic scenery, stress-free ride, and free Wi-Fi.  

It’s about time.
Those long lines you’ve heard about at the most popular attractions? Don’t worry. You won’t be standing in them. We arrange VIP access at the legendary sights so you can mosey in, marvel, and move on to the next “must” on your bucket list.

As we speak.
Only escorted tours include a Tour Director – an expert who lives, breathes, and speaks the language of your destination. From French Canada to the colloquial-rich areas of the U.S., your Tour Director will open doors while breaking down any language barriers. 

Must see sights.
From a Kentucky Hot Brown lunch to an overnight stay in Sedona’s Sky Rock Inn, our tours include exclusive must see sites. These curated experiences introduce you to what’s special about a region as well as its unique specialties.

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