Here’s Why You Should Book with WestJet Vacations

Posted on 05/02/2022

With so much competition clamoring for you to book with them, it’s good to do your research. So, why should you choose WestJet Vacations? Well, we did the research for you. To make it easy, we’ve put together the following handy top 10 guide (in no particular order) to make your booking decision easy.

Top 10 reasons to choose WestJet Vacations

1. Outstanding guest experience 
WestJetters live our culture of caring. We’ve become Canada’s most trusted vacation company by making your vacation experience the best it can be.

2. Amazing vacation packages 
We give you the choice of hundreds of hotels, all carefully selected by experienced WestJet Vacations’ experts. Upgrade your vacation package with premium or business flight options. We have over 200 5-star resorts, villas or homes featuring luxury suites, swim-up suites, and overwater bungalows.  We go the extra mile to get the best deals and offers from partners that care as much as we do. 

3. More than 60 destinations 
With more than 60 destinations to choose from in the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, Canada and the United States, your vacation possibilities are endless.

4. Extensive flight schedule 
WestJet Vacations is operated with our own airline, so with our extensive and reliable flight schedule, you can find flight times and vacation durations that work best for you. We also offer WestJet Vacations packages with Swoop flights to give you more choices!

5. Entertainment on board
WestJet Connect, our inflight entertainment offering, gives you access to Internet packages and more than 800 hours of free TV shows and movies on your mobile device, tablet or laptop.

6. Travel Protection Plan
Unlike most airlines, WestJet never overbooks flights. When you’ve planned that special vacation, you can rest easy, knowing you have a confirmed seat on the flight.

7. We support travel agents
WestJet Vacations is committed to providing the support and tools your travel agents need. Long story short, we help them help you!

8. In-destination guest support 
In any great place you visit, you’re bound to have questions. We offer support in-destination in the same WestJet style you know and trust.

9. Save more with WestJet Rewards 
Earn WestJet dollars on flights, vacation packages and more. Redeem with ease and travel with WestJet Vacations anywhere, anytime, and with no blackouts or maximum spend.

10. Cabin options
We have added a variety of aircraft to our fleet, available now on our Dreamliner service to Cancun, Puerto Vallarta & Maui. Guests can book in our Business cabin all aisle access, lie-flat seats with on-demand dining and entertainment or Premium cabin which provide the ideal combination of comfort and value.

There you have it, 10 great reasons why you should choose WestJet Vacations.
See you soon!o.